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Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.

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Johannes Fischer
Professor für Schlagzeug

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Julia Pschedezki
Studentin Gesang

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Sabine Meyer
Professorin für Klarinette

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Konrad Elser
Professor für Klavier

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Charles Duflot
Student Cello

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Bernd Ruf
Professor für Popularmusik


The University program Erasmus is one of the great success stories of the European Union. It has promoted cross-border mobility of students, professors and university staff in Europe since 1987. So far, about two and a half million students and nearly 250 000 teachers have been able to study abroad with this program. Since 2014, the new Erasmus+ Program has combined seven EU programs in the areas of education, training and youth.

The ERASMUS University Charter (EUC) was awarded by the European Commission and proves that the University meets all requirements for successful participation in the Erasmus+ Program.

Within the framework of the existing ERASMUS exchange agreement with nearly 40 European universities, students of the Musikhochschule Lübeck are offered the opportunity complete a one to two-semester study abroad.

Benefits of the ERASMUS+ Program

  • Tuition Exemption: participants are exempt from tuition fees at the host university.
  • All participants – except for the destination country Switzerland – get an Erasmus Mobility Grant. This grant is graded according to country groups, based on the different costs of living in the target countries. There are three groups of countries:

Funding rate according to ERASMUS+
Funding rate of the MHL

Group 1
Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Austria, Sweden, United Kingdom    min. 250 Euro  min. 250 Euro
Group 2

Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Croatia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Cyprus    min. 200 Euro  min. 200 Euro
Group 3

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia (FYROM), Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary     150 Euro  min. 150 Euro

  • Note: Whether the monthly fee can be paid for the entire period or only for a part of the months spent abroad, can only be determined when the number of ERASMUS participants of MHL and the total funding at our disposal for student mobility has been established.

    • Target Country Switzerland: Switzerland will, in the meantime, maintain the status of a partner country. Participants who wish to go to Switzerland can study with a tuition waiver there, but will not be permitted an Erasmus mobility grant. In consultation with the respective institutions, an exchange is still possible if the corresponding funding comes from the Swiss side.

  • Single parent participants can apply for additional funding.
  • Participants with special needs also get additional support.
  • The academic recognition of scholastic requirements fulfilled abroad at the home university is possible according to the previously agreed program of study (Learning Agreement).

Requirements for participation

  • Regular enrollment at MHL, leading to accredited qualification (no host or refresher students, no Bridge Modules)
  • Completion of the first year at MHL at the commencement of the study abroad
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of the host country to study there.

Repeated Participation

  • You can participate in the ERASMUS+ during any phase of studies, i.e. in Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels, in each case for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 12 months, for a total of up to 36 months. This also includes the time for possible internship funding during the study phase or one year after the completion of the degree.

The official deadline for applications to MHL always ends on January 31 of the current year and refers to study periods in the following academic year (Winter and Summer Semesters). If the 31st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday in February will be the deadline.

Following documents must be submitted

  • AEC Erasmus+ Application
  • Learning Agreement
  • Musical CV in English
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Letter of recommendation from the teacher of main subject
  • Transcript of Records
  • 20-minute CD or DVD recording of works from at least 3 periods

Lecturers and Staff Mobility
Lecturers and university staff may also participate in the international exchange in the Erasmus + Program. The stay abroad should be at least for a week (= five working days) and a maximum of six weeks. Under certain conditions, stays of less than a week are eligible for aid.

Following document must be submitted

  • ERASMUS Mobility Agreement (Teaching /Staff)

Information for Incoming Students

  • Deadlines for applications coming winter semester:
    15th of March
  • Deadlines for applications coming summer semester:
    15th of November 
  • Required documents AEC application form
  • CD or DVD recording including performance of at least three works from various style epochs (one of which was composed after 1920)
  • Learning agreement
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation from the teacher of main subject
  • Transcript of Records



International Office of MHL
Große Petersgrube 4
23552 Lübeck

Iwona A. Kwiatkowski

T: +49 (0)451-1505-323
F: +49 (0)451-1505-303
Mail to Mrs. Kwiatkowski

Sarah Tetzlaff

T: +49 (0)451-1505-322
F: +49 (0)451-1505-303
Mail to Mrs. Tetzlaff