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Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.

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Lübeck Harp and Guitar Day

From 17 to 18 September 2022, the MHL invites you to the Lübeck Harp and Guitar Day for the first time. Pupils, prospective students, teachers and interested parties will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the harp and the guitar during this weekend. On offer are master classes with Prof. Otto Tolonen (guitar) and Prof. Gesine Dreyer (harp), various concert podiums for beginners, advanced students and students of the MHL, participatory and ensemble concerts by the participants as well as various workshops. For teachers, the conference holds lectures and panel discussions on pedagogical topics such as practising, learning and methodology and offers space for exchange among teachers in the region. Monika Stadler (harp, Vienna) and Andrzej Wilkus (guitar, Helsinki) will enrich the programme with workshops and lectures as guest lecturers.

No instrument of your own yet?
No problem! The exhibition of Camac Harps Germany and some guitar makers will round off the programme and provide participants with harps throughout the weekend. Taster sessions offer those interested the opportunity to make their first contact with the harp. Concert visitors can look forward to numerous concerts with lecturers and students of the MHL as well as with guests.


SA & SO / 17 & 18 / SEP / 22
The events start on Saturday morning and end on Sunday afternoon.

  • 1.)  Auditions on Saturday
  • 2.)  Auditions on Sunday
  • 3.)  Master Class Prof. Otto Tolonen
  • 4.)  Masterclass Prof. Gesine Dreyer
  • 5.)  Workshop Monika Stadler I (for beginners)
  • 6.)  Workshop Monika Stadler II (for advanced players)
  • 7.)  Workshop Monika Stadler III (for professionals)
  • 8.)  Harp taster lesson
  • 9.)  Lecture Andrzej Wilkus
    How can teaching experiences help to develop musicianship and deepen self-reflection?
    Playing and performing skills consist of many aspects influenced by how we see and accept ourselves. Psychological self-acceptance is essential for teacher and musician identities. How can you improve both of them hand in hand? What aspects are most important to you in making and teaching music? What are the most crucial fundamentals while talking about music and its learning process? What do they tell about your musicianship? Most of the pupil's learning process takes place outside of the classroom, and everything that happens on the stage has already got accomplished in a home practice. So, home practice plays a huge role in developing one's skills. Thus, as a teacher, how do you support and guide pupils' rehearsing in which you can not be physically present? My lecture will not provide simple answers to these questions. The only aim is to provoke self-reflection and share some of my experiences.
  • 10.) Masterclass Andrzej Wilkus
  • 11.) Lecture Harp Schools
  • 12.) Workshop Impromptu Accompaniment Harp
  • 13.) "Mozart? Play along!" (sheet music coming soon in the download area below)
  • 14.) Concert on Saturday evening (7.30 pm), free admission
  • 15.) Matinée on Sunday morning (11 am), free admission

Interested parties are asked to indicate which of the 15 offers they would like to take part in when registering. This will determine the schedule, which will be sent out by 1 September.

A registration fee of 50 euros (reduced rate 25 euros for pupils and students) will be charged with the confirmation of participation.

Registration deadline
15 August 2022

Click here to register.


  • Gesine Dreyer (harp) studied harp at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg with Prof. Julie Raines and Prof. Maria Graf. She completed master classes with Susanna Mildonian and Ursula Holliger. After a temporary contract with the Frankfurt Opera House and Museum Orchestra, she was principal harpist of the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra from 1994 to 2001. Since then she has lived with her family in Hamburg and works both as a teacher and as a freelance harpist. She holds an honorary professorship at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" Berlin and teaches the harp class at the MHL. Her pupils and students have won prizes at national and international competitions, including the national competition "Jugend musiziert" and competitions in Szeged, Porto and Wales. They perform in state youth orchestras and the national orchestra as well as the SHMF and EUY orchestras. Her orchestral engagements regularly take Gesine Dreyer to the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Ensemble Resonanz, the Hamburg State Opera and other renowned orchestras. She also performs as a chamber musician, among others with her colleagues at the MHL.

  • Monika Stadler (harp) is one of the most interesting and creative solo harpists in Europe. She studied classical harp (diploma with distinction) with Prof. Blovsky-Miller at the Musikhochschule in Vienna and jazz harp in Boston (USA) with Deborah Henson-Conant, among others, where she won several prizes at international jazz harp competitions. After engagements with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, she now performs as a soloist, in duo and trio with exclusively her own projects. In addition to her busy concert schedule in many countries in Europe, North Africa, the USA, Canada, Japan, Vietnam and Austria, she teaches improvisation workshops for harpists in Europe and the USA. Since 2010 she has been a visiting professor of jazz harp at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London (UK), and since 2016 she has also taught improvisation at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

  • Otto Tolonen (guitar) is one of the most versatile and active classical guitarists of his generation. He is constantly searching for new repertoire and experimenting with new concert forms and techniques. Otto Tolonen studied at the Sibelius Academy from the Junior Academy to the DocMus Doctoral School with Jukka Savijoki and Timo Korhonen. Studies with Raphaella Smits in Belgium, Thomas Müller-Pering and Jürgen Ruck in Germany and Oscar Ghiglia in Italy complete his musical education. Tolonen is active as a soloist, chamber musician and lecturer throughout Europe, America and Japan. He has held professorships in Oslo since 2018 and in Lübeck since 2019. He is proficient in a wide range of musical styles. He sets the highest standards of quality in his choice of repertoire: The dense polyphony of John Dowland's chromatic fantasies, the complex spectral modulations in Tristan Murail's Tellur and the French sound refinement of Georges Migot and Gustave Samazeuihl are just a few examples. He has won prizes in 20 international competitions. His latest portrait album "Retratos" (2018) was described as "legendary" in Finland's largest daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. In addition, Otto Tolonen devotes himself to current research approaches to European guitar music and musical styles from the second half of the 20th century.


We thank for the generous support


Lübecker Harfen- und Gitarrentage
Große Petersgrube 21
23552 Lübeck

Prof. Gesine Dreyer
Mail an Frau Prof. Dreyer