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Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.


Für einen Hochschulaccount wenden Sie sich bitte an die Netzwerkverwaltung. Antragsformulare gibt es im Formularzentrum und in der Bibliothek.

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Professor für Schlagzeug

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Studentin Gesang

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Professorin für Klarinette

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Bernd Ruf
Professor für Popularmusik

2nd North German Flute Day

Inspiring - motivating - unforgettable!
24 and 25 September 2022 / MHL

The MHL invites you to the second North German Flute Day in the Große Petersgrube. On the programme: diverse workshops for pupils and a network meeting for teachers from Northern Germany. The workshops are aimed at pupils aged 9 to 18 and offer the opportunity to get new impulses under the guidance of experienced teachers, to meet other pupils and to look beyond the confines of the music school or one's own flute class. The workshops are designed in such a way that music is played together without any prerequisites, so that pupils of all levels are supported according to their individual possibilities. Parallel to the student workshops, there will be workshops for teachers, which will offer suggestions for their own teaching as well as the opportunity for collegial exchange. A large exhibition of instruments and sheet music invites visitors to browse and try out the instruments. On Sunday, there will be a picnic concert during the lunch break, performed by students of the flute class of Prof. Angela Firkins. There will also be an opportunity to look over the shoulders of the flute makers present during a short technical check.

For registration see below.


SA / 24 / SEP / 2022
12 to 19 h

Workshops for teachers:
"Come together" - A day especially for teachers

The moderated collegial exchange about the constantly changing job description, about the tasks and challenges associated with it, is just as much the focus as the presentation of new (teaching) literature. A large exhibition of sheet music and instruments offers ample opportunity to browse and discover. The day closes with playing together in the Flute Day Orchestra, composed of teachers and students of the MHL. Exhibitors will provide flutes of all sizes for you to try out and play along with. In the evening, there will be an offer to round off the first day with a joint meal.

  • Let's talk!
    Moderated exchange of ideas and experiences about the changing profession.
    Moderated by: Sandra Engelhardt
  • Give me the notes!
    New and tried and tested things are the focus of this exchange. In addition to a small "literature concert" in which students play new teaching literature, there will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and try things out for yourself. Bring your treasures with you!
    Direction: Melanie Klinke
  • Flute Day Orchestra
    Students and teachers will make music together.
    Direction: Melanie Klinke

SO / 25 / SEP / 2022

10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Workshops for students

  • Beatboxing on the flute
    How can you create beatbox rhythms and play the flute at the same time? In this workshop Tilmann Dehnhard will show you how to create a beat from individual beatbox sounds and then play it on the flute at the same time! We start very elementary, so beginners and advanced flute players are equally welcome.
    Teacher: Tilmann Dehnhard
  • Practising is GREAT!
    Is there really anyone who always likes to practise and always finds practising great? What do we do when we don't feel so motivated? Let's look for (and find!) the fun in practising together and exchange tips on how to overcome dry spells.
    Lecturer: Prof. Angela Firkins
  • The Colours of Sound - sound exploration in the group
    We go on a treasure hunt - for beautiful sounds, melodies and ideas: not alone, but all together. How do small melody pieces sound, at the same time, staggered, individually, as a duo or in the whole group? What can you do with them? We play different rhythms, patterns and also "quite normal songs", sometimes with notes, sometimes without - but always with our flute!
    Teacher: Theresa Schröttle
  • Flute Day Ensemble
    From piccolo to double bass flute - all together we play a piece that is arranged especially for our flute day.
    Direction: Melanie Klinke

Workshops for teachers
In short workshops, new impulses and suggestions for everyday teaching will be presented. With a balanced mixture of practical activities and didactic reflection, the lecturers will give insights into their respective special fields and will be available to answer questions.

  • Flutebeatboxing - how can I teach it?
    This workshop offers the opportunity to get a practical introduction to the art of flute beatboxing. Under the guidance of the experienced instructor, the elementary techniques will be learned together and ideas for their use in individual and group lessons will be juggled.
    Instructor: Timann Dehnhard
  • Fresh Up!
    Exchange and input on current and recurring flute-specific topics in teaching and playing practice. Whether breathing and sound development or advanced playing techniques - in collegial togetherness, the opportunity can be taken to receive new impulses and to throw questions into the round.
    Lecturer: Prof. Angela Firkins
  • Energy-saving ideas for group lessons
    Get ideas and suggestions on how to design tasks and instructions when working with groups in such a way that your students get into "working together". Self-activity and interaction not only promote understanding, but also offer the opportunity for us teachers to withdraw from the action at times.
    Lecturer: Sandra Engelhardt

Final concert
16.30 h / MHL / Great Hall
Public presentation of the results from the workshops, contributions from the lecturers and with the Flute Day Ensemble.

Anmeldung und Gebühren

5. September 2022


  • 20 Euro für Schülerinnen und Schüler
  • 30 Euro pro Workshoptag für Lehrkräfte

Anmeldung (online)


Tilmann Dehnhard studied flute at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and film music composition at the Babelsberg Academy of Film and Television; international concert and teaching activities; CD productions and concerts with Sam Rivers, Steve Lacey, Evan Parker, Alexander v. Schlippenbach, Till Brönner, Julia Hülsmann and others. Visiting professor in Colombia; DAAD guest lecturer; author of "The New Flute", "Jazz Studies für Flöte", "FluteBeatboxing", Universal Edition; teaching jazz flute at the Jazz Institut Berlin (UdK), lecturer for film music at the HdPK Berlin, certified sound painter according to Walter Thompson.  

Prof. Angela Firkins
, born Tetzlaff, grew up in Hamburg in a musical family and thus discovered her love of music at an early age. She studied with professors J.-C. Gérard (Hamburg), W. Bennett (Freiburg) and P. Meisen (Munich). After several first prizes in the Jugend musiziert competition, she won a prize at the German Music Competition in 1985 and 1st prize at the German University Competition in 1986. Since its foundation in 1978, Angela Firkins has been a member of the Albert Schweitzer Quintet, which - among many other awards - was a prize-winner at the ARD Competition (1985) and received the Annual Prize of the German Record Critics in 1989 with its complete recording of Anton Reicha's wind quintets. After being a member of the German National Youth Orchestra, the Young German Philharmonic Orchestra and the European Community Youth Orchestra for many years, she became principal flute of the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra from 1988 to 1993 and principal flute of the NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover in 1994. Since 1997 she has now been leading a successful flute class as a professor at the Musikhochschule Lübeck and regularly participates as a lecturer in chamber music and master classes and as a juror in competitions.
 Since 2022 she is not only a lecturer but also the artistic director of the International Master Classes of the Emsbuerener Musiktage. An international concert activity in various chamber music ensembles complements her engagement at the university.

Melanie Klinke, born in Munich, graduated in Music Education and Artistic Training at the MHL and the Conservatoire National Supérieur in Paris. From the beginning, her focus was on pedagogical work. She has been teaching students of all ages for almost 20 years. She has played in numerous selection orchestras and also in professional orchestras during various internships and temporary jobs. The instrumental teacher teaches at the Herzogtum Lauenburg District Music School as well as privately in the Lübeck area and is a lecturer for didactics of the flute and woodwinds at the MHL. The focus of her teaching is the joy of making music, especially of making music together with others, and the individual support of each student. Since the Corona period, she has been increasingly involved with the use of digital aids in instrumental teaching. In 2020/21, she took part in the MSdigital.SH (Musikschule digital) project of the State Association of Music Schools in Schleswig-Holstein and has since been the representative for digital development at her music school.

Theresa Schröttle
, flutist and music teacher, began her musical career at the Nuremberg University of Music. After her bachelor's degree in flute with Prof. Marcos Fregnani, she completed her master's degree in "Instrumental Music Making in Large Groups" with Prof. Dr. Renate Reitinger and Prof. Rainer Kotzian with the highest grade. This enabled her to pursue a varied professional life: Member of various project orchestras, conducting a youth wind orchestra, creating interactive children's concerts and designing flute workshops as Miyazawa International Endorser. The focus of her pedagogical work lies in teaching at the music school: she teaches at the Musikinstitut 3klang gGmbH, among other things, the subjects flute, recorder, early music education and primary school classes and has been deputy head teacher there for the Freising region since 2019.

Sandra Engelhardt
Chronologically, Sandra Engelhardt's path went from studying the flute as her main subject (artistic diploma and diploma in music education) to teaching to becoming an author and finally a certified examination and performance coach PAC®. Today she teaches at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media and at a music school, works as a further education lecturer for associations and societies and designs learning and teaching coaching programmes for music training institutes and universities. As a coach, she supports musicians in overcoming fears of exams and quitting, for example.



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